The 33th Tsurumaki-cho Festival will be held

The 33th Tsurumaki-cho Festival will be held on May 19. This is a big spring ivent by Tsurumaki-cho 4chokais and Sodaidori-Shoeikai. There will be open-air flea market、food and dance ivents. Vendors of maeket are wanted until April 30th.

The 2nd Sodaidori Festival was held!

The 2nd Sodaidori Festival sponsored by Sodaidori Shoeikai, was held on last Sunday,Ocober 8th. This is an outdoor e...

2nd Sodaidori Festival, date and time decided

Hello! This is Sodaidori Shoeikai (Sodai.st shopping moll). This fall, we will hold an event, the 2nd Sodaidori Fest...

Results of the 3rd Sodaidori Photo Contest

Hello! Sodaidori Syoeikai (Sodai.st shopping moll). For the 3rd Sodaidori Photo Contest, held in spring, we have ...

Homepage has been renewed!

Waseda Street Shoeikai website has been renewed! Easy to search for store information! →Click the icon on the map to...

Spring 2023 Tsurumaki Town Festival Scheduled Notice

Spring event on Sodai-dori, Tsurumaki Town Festival, 2023 date has been decided! Please make an appoin...

The 1st Sodaidori Festival was held♪

On September 25, 2022, the 1st Sodaidori Festival was held. Sodai-dori, a pedestrian-o...

The 2nd Waseda Street Photo Contest will be held♪

From April to early May 2022, the 2nd Waseda Street Photo Contest was held. Instagram SODAI.ST called us, and the Wa...